Engage Schoop – direct, real-time employee communication!

Any modern company with their finger on the pulse is aware of the importance of engaged employees to their productivity and profit. How can Schoop help you engage your workforce, so everyone works towards the same mission?

An app installed on employee smartphones, this intuitive, easy-to-use resource can be utilised in a myriad of ways to communicate, and perhaps more importantly, gain invaluable feedback from your employees – whether in the same building or half a world away. Here are just some of the processes we utilise to create direct channels of communication with your employees.

Real-time information dissemination

The holy grail of employee engagement! Schoop can place the tools in your hand, and your employees pockets, to deliver instant reports. So whether it’s a company announcement delivered via Schoop, or an invite to a social event – the Schoop app gives your staff the ability to react immediately. Most importantly, you demonstrate that your staff’s opinion matters – and you’re listening.

Build your own library of questionnaires

Create bespoke forms for an invaluable insight into the current working environment. Want to know what your employees really think? Not everyone feels confident putting their names to their ideas, so enable individuals to submit suggestions in confidence. Extrapolate statistical analysis from the whole company or groups  – Schoop has a handy graphical analysis tool that can present your findings in easily accessible chart formats.

Administration carried out at the touch of a button

Make events such as accident reporting, sickness notification and holiday forms reportable at the touch of a button. Compliance tasks become a breeze, including assigning digital signatures to important documents. Schoop can make administration headaches a thing of the past. Simply download the app and you’re up and running.

The applications of Schoop are limited only by individual company requirements. According to recent research, 58% of employees have efficiency saving suggestions, yet only 13% of disengaged employees feel sufficiently empowered to bring them to the attention of their line manager. Employee engagement gives a voice to your staff and allows their experiences and suggestions to be heard and assimilated.

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