Who’s driving employee engagement in YOUR company?

It is a truism that corporate culture flows downwards, with the CEO being the ultimate bellwether of employee experience. The CEO’s influence extends to the lowliest of workers, therefore it’s important that she understands how to motivate and inspire staff for them to deliver their utmost for the company.

HR involvement is key
A CEO cannot undertake this vital task without help, however, and this is generally where the Human Resources department is invaluable. HR Managers are likely to be far more informed as to the importance of a positive employee experience and are perfectly placed to guide senior management.

An effective employee engagement programme should be implemented to ensure all members of staff feel fully invested in a shared mission and that this mission can be effectively communicated throughout the company, not just behind closed doors among senior management.

The vital role of the CFO/FD
While HR’s concerns are centred around employee experience, the CFO’s role comes down to the bottom line. Therefore it is vital that she understands the financial benefits that accrue with a motivated workforce. Less sick days and absenteeism, fewer expensive personnel changes, not to mention the proven tendency of engaged employees to work harder and come forward with efficiency savings.

How to achieve a fully engaged workforce?
Deloitte’s 2018 UK Human Capital Trends Report makes clear that for companies seeking to find, recruit and engage talented staff, it is not merely desirable but indeed essential to have a strong employee engagement strategy in place. Modern technology can be invaluable in attaining these goals, yet only 11% of companies are currently identifying emerging communications channels to achieve them.

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