Seven compelling reasons why your company needs engaged employees … now!

If you’ve found us here, then chances are you’ve heard about Employee Engagement and you want to know more. We’ve helpfully put together seven compelling reasons why your company NEEDS Employee Engagement to fill in those knowledge gaps.

1. Engaged employees progress your company

Ever been in a meeting and had an idea but were too intimidated to speak up? Then you’re a prime candidate for engagement! Engaged employees feel confident that their thoughts and ideas are valued and are more likely to look for ways to improve their work environment. Just as importantly, they have the confidence to speak up and pass on their ideas. Innovation comes from engaged employees

2. Engaged employees remain loyal

If you were to calculate the financial cost of searching, identifying and then training a new candidate every time a disaffected member of staff leaves, it would become immediately obvious why you can’t wait another minute to develop an employee engagement programme. Staff who feel a part of a whole and who have thoroughly bought into your company don’t search elsewhere, they stay and grow in their role, all the while radiating a contagious positivity

3. Engaged employees go above and beyond

It seems an obvious point, but if a member of your staff feels a vital part of a team, the company doing well is personal to them on an emotional as well as financial level. They want to see the company prosper and will go above and beyond to attain that goal

4. Engaged employees are healthier

Well, sure it’s nice if everyone’s healthy, but is it really that important to you as a company? The answer of course is yes – last year’s report on absenteeism by the Centre of Economic and Business Research showed that the UK economy lost £18 billion in productivity due to employees’ sick days. A high percentage of this absenteeism is said to be due to mental health issues. Happy employees are much less likely to suffer from stress, which is known to lower immune response. A happy workforce is a healthy workforce.

5. Engaged employees are your brand ambassador

Not just within your company, but in the wider world, you want your people talking your brand up. They are more likely to recommend friends to work for you and act as unpaid PR in the larger community. Remember good news travels fast but bad news travels faster.

6. Engaged employees are more productive

Do your staff roll their eyes when you ask them to stay a little later to get a task done? Or do they come to you offering to do whatever it takes to get the job finished well and on time? If it’s the latter, well done, you have engaged employees! If you

don’t – you’ve come to the right place

7. Engaged employees increase your profits

Your bottom line is affected by employee engagement. A Wyatt Watson survey found that companies with highly engaged employees had 26% higher revenues than those that didn’t. This is an astounding figure, but one that makes perfect sense. A workplace with happy, healthy employees willing to go the extra mile for a company in which they feel valued? Congratulations, you have reached Peak Engagement!

Talk to us to find out how to create a happy, healthy workforce and coincidentally increase your bottom line!