Are your employees bovvered?

Every now and again, catchphrases and buzzwords invade the public conscientiousness and get bandied about until they all but lose their original meaning …

The business world is no different, with Employee Engagement achieving ‘buzzword of the moment’ status. But how many companies actually understand what this entails or better yet, know how to go about attaining an engaged workforce?

Britain lags behind

According to a recent Office for Budget Responsibility survey, Britain’s level of employee productivity lags behind the rest of Europe by a whopping 15%. Encouraging your staff to feel invested and engaged in your business could deliver a substantial raise in productivity and, ultimately, your company’s bottom line. Yet, it isn’t only the tangible benefit of revenue generation where improvements can be perceived. An employee who is encouraged to feel a valued part of their team and the company as a whole is less likely to want to leave, with the result that employee retention is raised

How do I engage my employees?

In a devastating analysis of thousands of employees across the private and public sector, a National Employee Research Survey found that over 90% of those questioned affirmed that recognition in the workplace is important to them, and yet 62% of these stated they were almost never appreciated by their boss. All these unhappy, underappreciated workers are a resource that is being sadly underutilised.

This is where Schoop comes to the rescue! With a simple app that can be downloaded onto your workers’ smartphones, you can connect to everyone in your organisation to start a meaningful relationship, engaging them and allowing you to show your loyal staff that you really care about them and their well-being. From online surveys to company news or just a quick message to let them know they’re valued, Schoop keeps everyone in the loop.

If you’re considering how to improve employee engagement, we suggest you consider Schoop as an option