What can Schoop do for ME?

Schoop sounds like a great idea in theory – a real-time communication tool in the hands of teachers directly connected to parents. In practice, Schoop has been shown to revolutionise parent-teacher communications, with teachers seeing a marked improvement in both academic attainment and behaviour in their students.

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As Mrs Sinead Jones, a teacher familiar with Schoop, highlights, ‘it takes seconds to send a Schoop alert, getting parents involved by informing them what their children are learning’. It is this involvement of parents that is the key to Schoop’s success. Anyone can use it, not just the technically proficient. The fact that teachers themselves have access is game-changing. Typically parental engagement programmes are used by administration staff and are little more than admin tools. Teachers using Schoop, however, are able to let parents know the topics their child is studying in the moment, so real conversations can occur at home between parent and child. The question is no longer ‘what did you do today?’, but rather, ‘tell me about Y, it sounds really interesting’. Children love to show their knowledge and talking about their subjects helps reinforce in-class learning. 

Parent-teacher relationship improved
Usually parents and teachers only meet at parent’s evenings, or when there is bad news to be delivered. Schoop turns this relationship on its head, giving parents a much clearer snapshot of what’s actually happening in classes. As Kirsty Snare, parent of a child whose school uses Schoop, puts it, ‘it’s changed the relationship I have with my children AND the school’. For parents who were previously reluctant to engage with the school due to their own bad experiences, or even a language barrier, Schoop can be a lifeline. A simple push notification is all it takes. The user can decide which, of over 40 languages and dialects, the messages are delivered in and the personal, informal touch is invaluable in breaking down barriers and getting hard-to-reach parents more involved with the school community and their child’s education. 

Admin tasks accomplished at the touch of a button
‘School holidays, reminders, newsletters, weekly updates, or teasers from the teachers about what’s coming up in school – Schoop tells me everything I need to know about school and my kids’, asserts Kirsty. It is the bane of every parent’s life to juggle their child’s schedule as well as their own, and in these hectic times, key pieces of paper can become mislaid or not even reach their intended destination. Let’s be honest – who hasn’t found a vital information notice scrunched up in the bottom of a school bag at the end of term?! Schoop deals with all this admin in one place – and you don’t need to go searching for it, it finds you. And what’s more, you can add as many Schoop channels as you like, so not just your child’s class notices can be delivered, but also notifications about netball practice, football matches or after-school orchestra practice. 

The powerful app is free for parents to download to their smartphones and is offered at a low cost per pupil to schools. By using Schoop, schools can drastically cut admin costs. As headmaster Gareth Whitcombe notes, ‘There’s no need to print and send letters home or even send text messages or emails.’ Push notifications are unlimited and up to 500 characters, so expensive text messaging becomes a thing of the past. 

So what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you in the loop with Schoop? Download a free demo to see how Schoop could work for you here: