Five reasons why you need this app in your life

Didn’t you know? Schoop isn’t just for schools – we also help you encourage social engagement. Maybe you run a drama society and need to let members know rehearsal times have changed? Or a leisure centre and want to inform users of class times and swimming hours? How about a library, and you want to engage users in events, facilities and opening times? You naturally want all members as engaged as possible, as the more engaged they are the more successful your club or society will tend to be.

As parents and staff using Schoop in their schools realise they need Schoop’s functionality in other areas of their lives, we are getting more and more requests from societies and businesses who are realising just how much they need us!

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In fact, Schoop is a flexible engagement tool whose functionality can be applied to virtually any arena where one party needs to keep in touch with another – bundled up in a package to provide a range of features that far surpasses basic text messages.

  • Push notifications
    Need to change a rehearsal date? Has your venue changed? Text messages will do the trick. Or you could send a push notification. Push notifications, unlike text messages, are unlimited and absolutely free. Send as many as you like, up to 500 characters even, and they will still be free.
  • Forms and surveys
    A great way to canvas opinion and maintain engagement, forms and surveys are a strong tool to show your members that their opinion matters. Surveys can also be anonymous, so you know you are getting honest feedback. You can even use the e-signature facility (which is legally binding, by the way) to gain online consent. Whether it’s about which novel the book club wants to review this month, what nibbles you want to serve while you discuss it, or weightier club constitution matters, this feature is as flexible as you want it to be and we are excited to think there are probably a myriad of applications that haven’t even been considered yet.
  • Newsletter
    How did your last event go? Want to share it with the friends and family who attended, or wanted to but couldn’t? Instead of going to the trouble, and expense, of printing out a newsletter, simply upload your photos, rich text and videos to our news and engagement feature. They will then have an account of the event in their pocket, to keep and enjoy as many times as they like. If you’re trying to keep costs down, this could be the saving you’re looking for.
  • Interactive calendar
    Our interactive calendar becomes the backbone of any organisation that’s using it, making sure that all members know what they should be doing and when. Administrators can set up automated alarms, reminders and encouragement to make sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.
  • GDPR compliant
    Boxes ticked when users download the app, no need to worry about complicated data privacy.

It isn’t just large corporations with hundreds of staff, like the UK SONY Tech Centre, that find Schoop invaluable. Smaller groups and societies can benefit just as much from the engagement Schoop delivers.

If it sounds like Schoop could make your life easier as admin of a team, society or club, contact us now and ask for a free demo. Keep everyone in the loop with Schoop!