Where will Schoop pop up next?

Schoop was created by parents for parents. Paul Smith, founder of Schoop, had grown frustrated with the lack of information about his children’s education flowing from their schools. So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, he set about creating an app that would ensure easier school-to-home communication.

Why an app?
With schools frequently using a mixture of email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, as well as their own websites, communication with parents has become haphazard at best. Text messages, Whatsapp and emails require the admin burden of constantly changing phone numbers or email addresses. Good old-fashioned letters home in school bags are notorious for disappearing to the bottom of the bag never to be seen again. The simplicity of an app downloaded onto a smartphone puts all school correspondence in one easy-to-find location. It becomes a repository for school notices, study aids, home-learning ideas or sports club events  – as well as being used as a hub for all other communication methods, directing parents to information they need to see in other applications or websites. Vital feedback – such as permissions and consent forms, illnesses and absence reports as well as questionnaires and surveys – is also easily collected through the app.

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The sky's the limit for Schoop

Schoop taking off
Now an established part of school life in Wales and gathering a head of steam throughout the rest of the UK and beyond, our parents have realised the value Schoop could also deliver to their working lives. Employee engagement is a trending concern in HR and Internal Communication circles, and users recognised that parental engagement can be easily translated into employee engagement.

We are therefore expanding our reach into the corporate world, with the result that one of our biggest clients, the SONY Tech Centre in Pencoed, Bridgend, has 650 employees now using Schoop as part of their core employee engagement strategy. Companies with remote workers have seen the utility of maintaining communication via our app. Transport for Wales Rail Services, for example, has been delighted with the ability to engage with employees who are rarely in the office.

Schools, corporates and beyond
From nurseries to colleges, from companies with a large on-site staff to mainly remote workers: wherever there is a need to communicate and engage, you can be sure Schoop offers a solution. What are you waiting for? Contact us for a quick demo and see how Schoop can improve communication in your organisation!