“We are very happy to be working with Schoop to add another channel to our internal communications. It is important to us that our company mission is embraced by all our staff. Schoop is another way we can ensure everyone receives the same message and is working towards the same goal. The flexible range of features allow us to easily deliver and manage company news in real time, as well as eliminating a wide array of administrative burdens. We look forward to seeing what the partnership with Schoop can bring.”

Cecilia Fritz, Head of HR & Training, SONY UK Technology Centre

When one of the world’s most respected global technology companies puts pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to deliver a glowing reference, not only are we delighted to be of service, we also feel justifiably proud and encouraged to know we are on the right track.

Schoop was first conceived by our serial entrepreneur founder, Paul Smith, as an app to aid teachers in their efforts to engage with parents. The idea was to enable schools and parents to create an effective communication channel with a rich array of features, thereby improving pupil behaviour and academic attainment.

It wasn’t long, however, before we recognised that parental engagement is not so far removed from employee engagement. Indeed, we began to see that schools themselves were loving Schoop so much, they were using the app to facilitate their own internal communication. So it was an easy decision to launch Schoop into the corporate world. This great testimonial from the SONY UK Technology Centre demonstrates we have been more than vindicated in our assumptions, as this centre of 650 employees welcomes Schoop onboard to enhance the existing internal communications programme.

Schoop is a simple, easy-to-use medium for interacting with employees who are both office-based or predominantly out on the road. Corporate goals and mission statements are worthless if they don’t reach the organisation’s employees. Schoop enables users to communicate effectively in real-time, so whether it’s corporate news intended for all or just a pat on the back for a worthy individual, Schoop’s flexible range of features enables genuine employee engagement. Want to find out for yourself how Schoop can enrich your internal communications programme? Click below to contact us for a demo.