Parental Engagement? Here’s why Schoop has it covered!

Let’s face it – Schoop isn’t the only parental engagement product on the market. In fact, the amount of apps, ‘toolkits’ and IT solutions available can make the best choice of product for your school a bit of a head-scratcher. So we’re here to make it easy for you – here’s why you should choose Schoop!

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Engaged parent and child

Admin woes banished
Our award-winning app stands apart from most products out there as it is based on true parental engagement methodology. It isn’t merely a boon to administration – although it is true that communications from school admin no longer go astray, lost in the bottom of a school bag never to be seen again. The Forms and Surveys feature ensures that consent, permission, surveys, questionnaires, illness/absences, indeed any feedback required can be obtained easily and securely. With a ‘resend if not responded’ feature (or ‘nag’ feature as we like to call it), you can rest assured that all responses will be returned. Our nifty analytics capability ensures replies are neatly displayed via a table that can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. This feature not only reduces workload for admin but represents a huge saving on labour, paper and printing costs. Parental engagement is very much a two-way stream, which Schoop allows for in an organised and easy-to-assimilate format.

Engaged parents are complicit with teachers
It’s not just admin who have the facility to engage with parents. We also deliver the tools for engagement into the hands of teachers. Engaging parents is not only about ensuring they know when school meetings are being held. Truly engaged parents are complicit with teachers in helping children learn and study – which is why Schoop is designed to enable sharing of classroom study notes between school and home. Unlimited free push notifications can be used to send messages privately or to the whole class – whether notes on class behaviour, both good and bad (positive remarks home can do wonders for the self-esteem of pupils and engagement of parents), website links to help parents understand what their child is currently studying, even videos related to the latest class topics can be shared to watch together at home.

Schoop push notifications

Personalised content
Parents are also not restricted to just one class – as many channels as necessary can be opted into by each user, so whether a parent has one child or four, each going to different after-school classes as well as rehearsing for a school play, parents can receive as much information as they wish from whichever class or activity they wish.

Of course, we all have busy lives these days, with parents juggling their own diaries as well as their that of their children. The Schoop Calendar feature makes it easy. All school diary dates – public holidays, term dates, exams, sports days etc. – are broken down by year and class or group. Push notifications are automatically sent twenty-four hours before the calendar event as well as, according to individual settings, one hour before the event. iCal data feed can also be added to Schoop to further reduce workload for the schools and keeps parents on top of all that’s going on and coming up.

Ease of access for all
Access? It’s a doddle! Clients are given their allocated Schoop ID, parents enter this ID and from there, subscribe to whichever channel they feel is relevant. No extraneous noise, no Whatsapp groups pinging messages every three seconds – just the classes and clubs relevant to their child’s interests.

All this and automatic translation into over 40 languages and dialects so whatever the primary language spoken in the home, no parent gets left out of the loop.

Schoop doesn’t intend to put an an end to the school Facebook page, website or Twitter feed – what Schoop will do, however, is make sure that everyone who needs to see posts or articles to other sites can be easily directed to them, by becoming a hub for all school communications and highlighting information that may otherwise have been missed by parents who weren’t obsessively checking all school sites on a daily basis!

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