Employee engagement is not just for Christmas!

Christmas is almost upon us and no doubt many of you reading this have already enjoyed, or are suffering the after-effects, of a favourite perk of working life: the Christmas party. Seen as an almost obligatory part of the corporate year, it’s a useful relationship building exercise for the whole organisation.

The nature of the event means that relationship building can sometimes run to the over-enthusiastic, however as a general rule, it’s much anticipated and enjoyed by all but the most curmudgeonly grinch. It doesn’t have to be a boozy affair with red faces all round the next day, though – an intra-office bowling competition or a fairly recent and popular addition, the Master Chef challenge, can be just as effective. Anything that gets employees out of their work heads and interacting on a social level reaps benefits back in the office the next day.

Team building is not the only activity that can raise employee engagement. A recent survey by financial company Drewberry found that 42% of respondents saw flexible working hours as the most desired work benefit, with 29% valuing home-working highly. So now is the perfect opportunity to offer an extra hour lunch for some last minute Christmas shopping while the streets are relatively quiet – or a priceless benefit, time off to watch school nativities for proud parents. A little thought into employees lives outside of work at this time of year goes a long way.

Office party

Of course, Christmas activities represent a relatively small part of the year, so an employee engagement strategy relying on an office party and £10 per head Secret Santa gift is doomed to failure. Which is where Engage powered by Schoop is invaluable. An app downloaded onto employees’ smartphones, Engage allows you to proactively measure their level of engagement throughout the year. Forms and Surveys take the pulse of your organisation in real time, while the News and Engagement section keeps employees informed of the latest company happenings, globally or locally. Good news, updated processes and strategies – even bad news can be explained and managed so staff feel like valued members of the workforce, not merely worker bees with no say in their destiny. The more an employee feels trusted and included, the more likely they are to engage and want to give their all. Productivity and profitability rise significantly in a company with a fully engaged workforce, while turnover decreases and creativity blossoms.

Don’t wait for your employees to overindulge at the Christmas party to hear what they really think of your organisation! Click on the link below for a free demonstration and see how Engage can take the guesswork out of Employee Engagement.