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What are the main challenges facing the logistics and transport industries today? Maintaining a happy, engaged workforce is a challenge for any sector of business, however in an industry literally run on personnel, workforce management becomes mission critical. An industry comprised of books, research and consultancies exists to study the effective communication of company goals and values in such a way that employees feel an integral part of their organisation. However, when the majority of the workforce spends most of their time out of the office, the challenge becomes even harder.

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A dispersed workforce presents engagement issues

The transport and logistics sectors are made up of just such a large, mobile workforce who are rarely in the office. Engaging employees is a real challenge – the camaraderie of office workers is hard to recreate for someone who seldom spends time with colleagues. Dissatisfaction with aspects of the job, management edicts or working conditions do not get a chance to be aired with management and can lead to festering resentments and disgruntled employees who not only won’t work to their full potential, but are also much more likely to leave as soon as opportunity presents itself. Coupled with a skills shortage in the sector, a high staff turnover is a real problem – 26% compared to a UK average of 15%. Of course, these employees must be replaced. At an estimated impact to the bottom line of a third of a salary – including the commensurate onboarding, training and learning curve for the new employees, this makes retaining existing employees an even more important proposition.

Paperwork and compliance creates driver frustration

Arriving and departing destinations can prove to be points of frustration – compliance paperwork, vehicle and load inspections, while valid, can be frustrating and time consuming. These inspections can yield issues that need to be resolved, yet the time it takes to relay the problem and get a response can delay deliveries – multiplied over a whole fleet, this becomes a larger problem.

On the go with Engage!

Engage solves problems in one handy, easy to use app downloaded to your employees’ smartphones. Employee engagement and compliance reporting can both be significantly improved at the touch of a button. The simplicity of the technology means that communication between office and dispersed workforce becomes smooth and efficient.

Forms and surveys can be sent to solicit feedback from your dispersed workforce. Invaluable information can be gleaned, which happily also has the effect of ensuring your employees feel valued and listened to – a vital aspect of employee engagement. News, features and videos can be uploaded, including off-site training and safety information, with response buttons so HR can be sure they are seen by everyone.  

Vehicle issues can be reported immediately, cutting valuable time wasted waiting for responses from remote offices.

Productivity can be increased and revenue improved – retain employees and improve efficiencies. Can you afford not to Engage? Click below for a demo to see how Engage can improve your employee engagement.