Increase parental engagement – maximise your Schoop experience

You’re back into the swing of school life after a well-deserved break over summer, the initial excitement of being together again is abating and school life is settling back into a reassuring routine. You’re using Schoop as part of your regular school-to-parent communication strategy and, we hope, enjoying the ease of communication it offers – but could you be gaining even more from your Schoop experience?

Make administration a breeze!
Have you accepted the refrain, ‘but my child didn’t receive the letter!’ as an inevitable part of school administration? You need never hear the dreaded phrase again thanks to Schoop! Send push notifications about school trips, events or important meetings and be sure they are delivered to parents or guardians by following a full audit trail. Not only that – waiting for a signed piece of paper demonstrating receipt or giving approval becomes a thing of the past. A quick and easy return function means that replies can be sent with the click of a button.

All school platforms and groups in one place
Parents profess themselves frustrated at being compelled to interact with a vast array of platforms – letters, Facebook pages, Whatsapp groups, emails, Twitter – and find it challenging to keep abreast with news from the school community . Not only do these multiple platforms themselves lead to confusion, the information they are delivering is often irrelevant to the majority of the audience. Schoop enables parents to sign up to specific groups relating solely to their children, delivered into one easy-to-use location – the Schoop app on their smartphone.

Develop parental engagement
A growing body of evidence demonstrates that parents want to be more involved with their children’s education yet are frustrated in their efforts by lack of information. The more engaged parents become, the better the learner’s outcome. Schoop promotes ‘at home learning’, enabling teachers to share resources, links, images and videos either from lessons or to enhance class topics with parents, empowering guardians to open communication and keep abreast of tasks and achievements.

A multilingual platform to reach everyone
English may be a second language at home, so let Schoop assist your goal of  reaching the whole school community utilising a platform that automatically translates communications into 41 different languages. Notices are more effective when all parents are kept in the loop. Let Schoop help you speak to everyone, whatever their language.

Go green!
We are all doing our bit to reduce waste and energy – Schoop enables you to become a paperless school! Our advanced communication platform radically reduces the need for printing, paper and even time – all with the added advantage of delivering a clear audit trail of communication.

Have you used your Schoop app to its full potential? If not, take a closer look!