Good communication is essential in any organisation, especially in the education sector. The line of communication needs to be continuously open to schools, parents and the students. In some cases, doing so effectively is both timely and costly. As these resources are slim they can’t be spared lightly due to the busy school environments. However, there is a solution, Schoop. Schoop delivers great communication yet doesn’t damage your budget.

Less printed materials

Printing cost’s can be extremely costly in both materials and in admin/teacher time. Forms and any other printed materials can be lost, especially when entrusted to the children to bring home to parents. We’ve heard endless reports of lost letters on the walk home or being found crumpled at the bottom of a bag if they are delivered at all. Sadly, this means that the same message ends up being printed multiple times. However, with digital communications, this won’t happen, resulting in less budget and time wasted. Which is a more eco-friendly approach and clear lines of communication all around.

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Cut out the SMS cost

Text-based services tend to be an expensive burden to shoulder and often, not as effective as schools and parents would like. For texts to be successfully received by parents, schools must have up-to-date contact information and the parents must have a phone signal. From a school perspective, this means a lot of time is spent on the administrative side, checking that parents have received the messages and ensuring that phone numbers are up-to-date on a regular basis. However, with Schoop, parents simply have to login in with a unique Schoop ID and they will receive a push notification with the relevant information that they need, whether they have a signal or not. or not.

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Save time

“Time is money” is not just a saying. Time is a valuable resource, especially for teachers during the educational budget squeeze. Face-to-face updates, letter and report can be very time-consuming. This time is taken away from educating young students. By inputting information into the Schoop system, the app will make sure that the information reaches the relevant audience. Parents simply log into the app using their schools Schoop ID to access the information.

Schoop is a useful resource, which both teachers and parents can reap the benefits of. Not only can it help save time for teachers, but it can also help schools save valuable money, so budgets can be used in other areas which can enhance the educational experience, such as supplies for students. We’re an award-winning app for a reason, so get in the Schoop loop to reap the rewards.