A perfect world … sort of


Schoop is changing the reality, and we can prove it

OK, you’re not going to get the forensic analysis, unless you’re are very lucky, but Schoop can give a parent or carer something to talk about with their child. That’s most important.

The teacher / parent / child relationship is complex. Schoop makes it simple.


Schoop allows the teacher to speak to the parent about what goes on. Daily, weekly, hourly if they want. But not recommended!

Parents and carers generally have no idea what goes on in class. Schoop solves this problem. Allowing the teacher to tell mum, dad, grandpa, childminder etc, what’s going on. Not just administrative stuff. Prompts to tell the parent take an interest in their kid’s education. Spelling tests, homework, reading lists and so on.

Schoop only requires your imagination …

What can I do to encourage parents to engage their kids in education?

Tell them what you do in class.

A simple message about their day in class will give the parent a conversation with their child. Now the child knows you, as a teacher, has a direct-line to parent or carer.

Hmm. Behaviour improves.

Engaging parents in their children’s education will make your life as a teacher easier

We work with educators like Dr Janet Goodall to make your life as teachers easier. Thousands of teachers listen to us.