Teachers overworked and undervalued but still dedicated to education, survey suggests

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While 82% of teachers say their workload is unmanageable, 97% believe school should be as much about encouraging a love of learning as exam results…

When used properly by schools and other organisations, Schoop can significantly reduce the debilitating administrative workload that teachers and other educators face, which the above article discusses.

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Testimonials from teachers, parents, MPs, and other officials who use Schoop can be read here

Schoop is going to No 10 Downing St!






As part of TechCity UK‘s Pitch10 event, Schoop has been selected to make a 3 minute pitch to VCs and other corporate representatives at No 10 Downing St this Friday, 20th Feb.

Along with 11 other companies from across the UK, Schoop was chosen by an impressive advisory panel that includes entrepreneurs, digital champions, and investors.

From the Pitch10 website:

A showcase of 10 – make that 12! – of the most promising digital companies in TechNation (across the UK) and representing Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, N England, S England and London. The UK is establishing itself as the world’s leading TechNation. Given talent in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and across all of England, No 10 Downing Street is pleased to host an event to showcase some of the most promising.

We’re very excited to be part of this event, and honoured to be presenting with other innovative British tech companies.


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