Schoop is about making a difference

Schoop is a safe, multilingual communication solution for organizations that talk to people

The app was thought up by self confessed nerd and company founder Paul Smith in December 2012.  Frustration that his children’s schools excluded him from communications to save money led to the invention of Schoop.

The name is a contraction of “Schools in the Loop”, but Schoop has evolved and is used by many different organisations that have a wide community audience they need to keep in touch with. This includes:

    • Schools & colleges
    • Nurseries and preschool
    • Clubs & societies
    • Churches
    • Public bodies
    • Charities and community
    • Businesses

Schoop’s unique approach is that information flow is one-way and non-sensitive, which means anyone with an interest can easily connect with you and receive alerts, newsletters and engagement articles, an interactive calendar, and forms. There is no registration required, and all a subscriber needs is your unique Schoop ID to connect.

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