Better performance
Improved behaviour
Increased attendance
Reduced costs

“Every school will want Schoop!”

Mike Flynn – Headteacher
St Peter’s RC Primary School – Cardiff

And we have independent proof …

  • Schoop raises attainment

    With Schoop, you can sustain parental & family engagement. This is proven to raise attainment. Schoop will dramatically improve your school and teacher relationships with families to encourange more involvement

  • Schoop improves behaviour

    Schoop empowers teachers. With minimal effort, Schoop will give your teachers a direct line to their student’s parents. This will send a message to students that teacher has a direct line to mum, dad or carers.

  • Schoop increases attendance

    Schoop uniquely addresses the “parent 2 child 2 school” relationship. With sustained use, Schoop improves those relationships so that students are more inclined to want to go to school.

  • Schoop reduces costs

    Schoop can make your school completely paperless and reduce admin time dramatically, saving the school budget tens of thousands per year on average. Schoop is endorsed by Eco-Schools as a green, eco-friendly communications solution.

Our proof

Family engagement solution by UK Government: Welcoming families to engage with the school – Government

Note that Schoop is cited 14 times as a solution in that document, and includes case studies how Schoop raises attainment.

So many of our schools have made independent surveys for pre and post Schoop, but this is one we love. Wick Marcross CIW School in the Vale of Glamorgan benchmarked Schoop versus other forms of engagement, such as their website, text messaging, social media etc. The ‘Big Maths – Beat That’ Programme was their independent study of Schoop vs All the others.

This is cut directly from the document created by the government on page 61 …


All a parent needs in one simple app

  • Parental Engagement

    Schools can engage parents in the education of their children in seconds. You can also set up repeat message schedules

  • Promote "at home" learning

    Rich text articles with images, videos and files can be used for anything, such as spellings, homework, or simply newsletters

  • Calendar

    Interactive calendar with scheduled reminders

  • Forms & surveys

    Easy to use form & survey builder with lots of question types. Get feedback from parents or set tests for students.

  • Translation

    Choose to translate content in to additional langauges manually, or let Schoop translate your content in to 40 languages automatically