Simple, cost effective employee engagement 

Improve communication and increase employee engagement using the Schop app. Essential company data can be translated into over 40 languages, sent quickly to all employees, teams or individuals and is available in the palm of the hand.

Obtain employee feedback efficiently at the push of a button. Communicate more effectively with your distributed workforce, nationally or even internationally.

If you have 50 employees or 150,000 employees, Schoop can ensure consistent communication resulting in a more productive workforce.

Simple messages

Engage your employees with quick messages to the Schoop app. You can also set up repeating message schedules.

News section

Rich text articles with images, videos and files can be used for sharing company information with all employees, teams or individuals.


Interactive calendar with scheduled reminders

Forms & surveys 

Easy to use form & survey builder with lots of question types. Get valuable feedback from employees.